Author: Charles Larson

Getting Creative with Anal Hooks

The practice of BDSM can be very attractive sometimes, what do you think? The silence in your torture chamber, with the smell of latex mixed with leather, suddenly the crack of the whip that breaks the air then comes the crack of the high heels that hits the ground, that of emotions. BDSM is for many people the best way to fulfill their fantasies and is practiced by many fetishists, despite the fact that these practices may seem strange to some people, they are completely normal for others. Practicing it does not make you crazy, on the contrary, fulfilling your fantasies is very important for fulfillment. Obviously, the people for whom these practices appear shady do not know the pleasures and sensations such as being tied up, humiliate, submit and torture. Of course, these practices must be consenting on both sides and must in no case be imposed.

The anal

Hot or Cold: How do you Like Your Glass Dildos?

Imagine you are all hot and excited and then suddenly you feel a chill down under! Ahhh, peace! When you are all hot and high, a cold touch can shoot your erotic sensations to newer heights altogether, leaving you begging for more. On the other hand, when you are lying cold and flat, a warm blow will awaken all your senses and thrill you to the core. Yes, temperature play is delightfully sexy. And a glass will help to make the most of your temperature play.

Why glass dildos?

Glass dildos command the added advantage of temperature play over other dildos. But why glass? Well, the glass used in making dildos is the extremely strong and durable tempered glass which is essentially shatter-proof. Most importantly, the material can withstand the extreme temperature conditions which make it ideal temperature play. Then, of course, glass dildos are true works of art and …

10 Ways Gay Differs From Straight Relationships Today

As I think back on the past 24 years of providing couples counseling for gay male relationships, I sometimes get asked what the differences are that I see (in general) in gay male relationships that are (again, in general), different from straight relationships.

I offer these thoughts to both single and coupled gay men, based on my perspective of what I’ve seen through the years. My experiences and observations as a gay men’s specialist psychotherapist might differ from other gay men, and even other gay male therapists, and we always have to be mindful of not indulging in unfair assumptions, stereotypes, or even prejudices. But since making a relationship work (which I define, in part, as the relationship’s level of satisfaction for each partner and in its overall longevity and subjective “quality” for each partner) is at least in part based on a skills-building process, skills that I believe …

Why We’re Having More Same-Sex Relationships Than Ever

Data collected from 28,000 adults between 1989 and 2014 found that more and more Americans answered “yes” to this question. In fact, in the early 2000s, twice as many U.S. adults reported having had at least one same-sex partner in their lifetime as compared to the early 1990s. (The study, which I co-authored with Ryne Sherman and Brooke Wells, was published today in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior.) The percentage of men who had had sex with at least one man rose from 4.5% to 8.2%, and the percentage of women who had sex with at least one woman went from 3.6% to 8.7%.

Almost all of this increase is due to more people having sexual partners of both genders—bisexual behavior. People generally felt freer to have sex with both men and women if they chose. Acceptance of same-sex sexuality also shot up, with 49% saying it …

The American Gay Rights Movement: A Timeline

This timeline provides information about the gay rights movement in the United States from 1924 to the present: including the Stonewall riots; the contributions of Harvey Milk; the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy; the first civil unions; the legalization of same-sex marriage in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York; and more.


The Society for Human Rights in Chicago becomes the country’s earliest known gay rights organization.


Alfred Kinsey publishes Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, revealing to the public that homosexuality is far more widespread than was commonly believed.


The Mattachine Society, the first national gay rights organization, is formed by Harry Hay, considered by many to be the founder of the gay rights movement.


The first lesbian-rights organization in the United States, the Daughters of Bilitis, was established in San Francisco in 1955.


The Daughters of Bilitis, a pioneering national lesbian organization, is founded.


Joe …