Best LGBTQ-Friendly Wedding Destinations

Best LGBTQ-Friendly Wedding Destinations

The Best Same-Sex Wedding Destinations

World-wide marriage equality, and equality in general, is the ultimate dream, isn’t it? Although many countries are on their way to legalizing same-sex marriage, some are so LGBTQ-friendly that they are bonafide world-class gay wedding and honeymoon destinations.

But which countries are the best places for LGBTQ couples to tie the knot?

Love Wins in the Netherlands

Gather ‘round baby gays! Let us tell you the tale of the first-ever country to legalize same-sex marriage. Back in 2001, the Netherlands granted the LGBTQ community some equality by legalizing same-sex marriage. The Parliament said it loud and clear — no more symbolic ceremonies or restrictions for same-sex couples!

Since 2001, the Netherlands made no difference between heterosexual and same-sex unions. LGBTQ couples could marry, divorce, and adopt children, just like every other couple.

And thus, a gay-friendly wedding destination was born. Same-sex couples still adore the Netherlands. So the country is full of wedding venues that offer wedding packages that cater to those of us of the rainbow persuasion.

Sweden Escape

Yes, the Netherlands was the first country to legalize same-sex marriage. However, their Scandinavian neighbors were quick to follow. Denmark eliminated all distinctions between homosexual and heterosexual marriages with a law in 2001. Sweden, Norway, and Finland were (not exactly) quick to follow.

In 2009, Sweden officially legally recognized same-sex couples. They legalized gay marriage and became one of the most popular wedding destinations. Today, their gender-neutral marriage law, beautiful landscapes, glorious urban architecture, and overall accepting attitude makes them one of the top choices for LGBTQ couples.

Sweden certainly has a lot to offer. Among other things, it offers novelty wedding venues and unusual wedding packages. For example, the ICEHOTEL is one of the most popular wedding venues in the past few years. Ideal for a winter wonderland wedding theme, this hotel that overlooks the Torne river is a perfect place for ceremonies of all sizes.

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Going Down Under

Are you more of a white sandy beaches type of person? Does the ICEHOTEL sound like a freezing nightmare? If so, tell your wedding planner to check out potential venues in Australia.

Now, we won’t lie. Australia took painfully long to legalize gay marriage. They came to their senses in 2017 and opened their doors to all those same-sex couples who dreamed of a beach wedding.

Australia is a vast country with lovely countryside (albeit a bit on the wild side) and wonderful urban hubbubs that are Melbourne and Sydney. Because it’s so large, it’s a perfect fit no matter what kind of wedding you have in mind.

Do you want white sand beneath your feet and a sunset to die for? Australia has it! Perhaps you prefer glamorous urban venues smack in the middle of civilization? No problem!

Romance in Argentina

Argentina paved the way for other Latin American countries when it legalized gay marriage in 2010. Since then, gay-friendly wedding venues have been popping up all over the country.

Of course, the most famous wedding destination in Argentina is Buenos Aires. It’s a perfect place for a bit of wedding adventure.

Faena Hotel is one of the fan-favorites when it comes to same-sex weddings. The views are breathtaking, the staff ever so accommodating, and the entire place is so enchanting, it simply exudes romance.

A Legacy of Acceptance and Celebration — Iceland

Do you know who was among the first people to get married when Iceland passed the marriage equality law? Icelandinan prime minister. Yup, Iceland is that LGBTQ-friendly — they have a lesbian prime minister.

Iceland’s landscape can sometimes be unforgiving, but it’s beautiful and breathtaking nonetheless. Aside from beauty, Iceland rules the charts of LGBTQ-friendly wedding destinations because they radiate acceptance and have companies that specialize in gay weddings.

For example, Pink Iceland is a lesbian-owned and Iceland’s first gay-owned and operated wedding, travel, and event company. They specialize in foreign weddings and will organize everything you need for your special day!

Te Amo, Te Adoro, Brazil

Three years after their neighbors in Argentina legalized same-sex marriage, Brazil did the same. Given how exotic it is, it’s no wonder the LGBTQ communities flocked there to celebrate their sacred vows to their partners.

Brazil is an ideal destination for pretty much anything (same-sex wedding included, of course). Another massive country, it offers plenty of options in terms of size and privacy of venues. It even has two LGBTQ-friendly hotels. The first one is the UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa, which is one of the top gay-friendly resorts in the entire world. The second one is the Estrela d’Agua, which doesn’t fall too far behind.

Magnificent Cape Town

Cape Town is the perfect destination for outdoor weddings. Warm, accepting, and overall pleasant, Cape Town also has some other perks.

First of all, South Africa is generally more affordable than other destinations on our list. Furthermore, it’s also a bigger adventure. Not to mention how stunning it is!

If you’re looking for the ideal wedding venue, look no further than the 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa. It overlooks one of the most famous natural preserves in South Africa (the Oudekraal preserve). That makes it an amazing choice for an outdoor wedding. Just imagine the wedding photos!

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The Middle of the Ocean

Now, if you’re really looking to make your wedding special and unique, get married in the middle of the ocean!

Yup, you read that right. If you book a cruise on one of those crazy massive cruise ships, you can get married while literally in the middle of the ocean. 

Of course, it’s vital that you check where the company that owns the cruise ship has its main offices. Check if they are a business that operates out of an LGBTQ-friendly country. If not, then cruise weddings can be a reality only if you suddenly decide to marry someone of the opposite sex. However, if the company is registered in a country that recognizes marriage equality, then you and your partner can go around telling people you got married in the middle of the ocean!