Getting Creative with Anal Hooks

Getting Creative with Anal Hooks

The practice of BDSM can be very attractive sometimes, what do you think? The silence in your torture chamber, with the smell of latex mixed with leather, suddenly the crack of the whip that breaks the air then comes the crack of the high heels that hits the ground, that of emotions. BDSM is for many people the best way to fulfill their fantasies and is practiced by many fetishists, despite the fact that these practices may seem strange to some people, they are completely normal for others. Practicing it does not make you crazy, on the contrary, fulfilling your fantasies is very important for fulfillment. Obviously, the people for whom these practices appear shady do not know the pleasures and sensations such as being tied up, humiliate, submit and torture. Of course, these practices must be consenting on both sides and must in no case be imposed.

The anal hook: the object you need

What do you think we are talking about BDSM for? you will understand, the items in this collection have been specially made for these practices. An anal hook is similar to a hook you might see in a butcher with a hanging piece of meat. Obviously, they are not the same, what we sell are more sophisticated, safer and have been specially created for humans. It is without a doubt that you can be assured that these hooks will give you the same satisfaction as one of your anal plugs, they will even take you much further in terms of satisfaction. So you may be wondering, what makes them so special?

The quality of our anal hooks

The safety and good health of the customers is one of the main concerns. The anal hooks are made with high quality materials, like all these plugs, they are made of 100% stainless steel, a steel known for its firmness and robustness, so  they will never rust and can be used for a very long time. Do not forget to wash your anal hook before and after each use to avoid any risk of bacteria. You can also inspect each of the products before selling them so that there are no imperfections that could hurt you. As you can see, the only thing you have to think about is your pleasure.

How to use your anal hook?

To use an anal hook, the process is very easy, it works like an anal plug. Insert the steel ball into your anus thanks to its shape, the hook will directly exert pressure on your prostate, or on your vaginal wall which will make you cum like never before. You can then attach a rope to the end of the hook, and you can attach it to the handles of your partner, or even to his ankles, we let you imagine all the possibilities available to you.

Anal hook are entirely made of polished steel. This hook is fitted with a 30 mm anal ball. in diameter, as well as a ring.

The newest trend in tremendous BDSM games, anal hooks is an ornament for self-control and pleasure. It will allow you to make your partners feel different sensations, going through humiliation, submission, pain but also pleasure. This accessory is commonly used during bondage sessions, in which the hook can serve as hook point.

This anal hook is equipped with a removable ball, offering a diameter of 30 mm., As well as a hook which will allow you to connect it to a rope, a chain, or to other BDSM accessories.

This anal hook happens to be used by men and women both and use to be obtainable in two sizes (30 or 40 mm.). For those who are looking for one level higher of adventure, you may also find a twisted love plug that you will surely never forget, because of its design and the pleasure it can give you or your partner.

Expert recommends using this anal hook with a lubricant specially designed for anal penetration. For cleaning use a little warm water, mild soap and a sex toy cleaner.

Anal hook for the rear door

Anal hooks are well known in the BDSM scene and are indispensable in many SM practices. High quality bondage hooks are ideal for combining pleasure and pain in anal bondage. Especially in anal bondage, the ass hooks are used with preference to let the sub feel his submissiveness. The ass hooks are often used in bondage games to transfer the movements of the sub to the anal hook. They pose a certain challenge, especially for BDSM beginners, because if used incorrectly, they can quickly lead to pain. As a consequence, you must make known yourself with the make use of the ass hooks as well as possibly use them alone in advance.

Application of anal hook for anal games

An anal hook can be inserted both anal and vaginally. It is vital of paying notice to the size of the anal hook. For the vaginal application of an anal hook, significantly larger hooks can be used than for the anal one. It is important here that the cave is stretched well and sufficient anal cream is used. To stretch the back door perfectly, you can use anal plugs or anal dildos. If the back door is stretched out well, the ass hook can now be inserted in place. Once in position, the anal hook can now be connected to the end of the anal hook with bondage ropes, bondage chains or other restraining instruments. A well placed anal hook can have a particularly stimulating effect on the sub.

Which anal hook for anal stimulation should it be?

Butt hooks are in abundance. You must pay meticulous attention to class when it comes to ass hooks. Good ass hooks are always made from high quality stainless steel. An anal hook made of stainless steel offers many advantages. Stainless steel adapts perfectly to the body temperature, which significantly increases the comfort of the Anal Hook. Stainless steel is also ideal for temperature games. The cleaning and disinfection of ass hooks made of stainless steel are very easy.

With the size of the bondage hooks it gets a little more difficult and you have to decide for yourself what to do. Since the bondage hooks are available in different sizes and diameters, the elasticity plays a major role. There are actually no concerns for vaginal use, but for anal use with an anal hook, however. Here less is more. After all, the movements of the anal hook cannot be compared to anal plugs or any other anal sex toys.