Anal Hooks: A BDSM Guide

Anal Hooks: A BDSM Guide

Did you know that anal hooks were invented in Neverland? Apparently, there was a battle between Peter Pan and Captain Hook. Peter yelled out, “You won’t get away with this, Captain Hook!” To that, the captain responded, “Oh, yes, I absolutely w— Wait, did you just call me Captain Hook? Because of the hand?! Wow! I mean, my mom has passed away too, why don’t you call me Captain Dead Mom as well?” To save Peter from appearing insensitive, Tinker Bell conjured an anal hook. That, to be honest, backfired and sparked an entirely different, yet equally awkward conversation.

It’s been years since this (may or may not have) happened, and today anal hooks are used all over the world, not just Neverland. Once you look up an anal hook and see what it looks like, it’ll be clear to you why we call it like that and what it’s for. As a sex toy, a rectal hook is for advanced BDSM play. It is a stainless steel hook that forces you to stay in a still position. It’s not as forgiving as, say, silicone butt plugs, so your butt needs to get ready for it.

However, hooks are great for some BDSM action, especially if both partners are into anal play. As you have to stay in a perfectly still position, with your back arched, your dominant partner controls you completely. Therefore, some find hooks to be the ultimate act of trust and power play. So how does one go about it, you know, aside from just sticking it in? Well, hooks shine the most when you combine them with other toys in your sex-toy arsenal, especially some rope.

Anal Hooks and Bondage Rope Play

Anal hooks have a steel ball (or multiple balls) on one end and a loop on the other. Intuitively, you’d want to use the ball on the insertion end as an anal toy, while the loop is for the dom. They can either use the loop to guide you around or, more commonly, tie a rope through it. The dom can tie the other end to their sub’s hair (almost hog-tying them), or they can use it to apply less or more pressure.

As they’re steel hooks, they aren’t flexible. Because of that, depending on your pose as a sub, you’ll have several parts of your body forced into a position it can’t get out of. Your chest will lift, and your back will arch inwards. That is what we call predicament bondage. You find yourself in a position you can’t get out of without the help of your partner, giving you a sense of vulnerability. As you can see, you completely hand over the control of your body to your dom, which is the ultimate power play.

Anal Hooks Excel in BDSM

One of the common positions when using an anal hook is the following. Your dom places the balls on one end of the hook inside of you (as if they’re anal beads), stimulating your nerves and prostate (if you have one). Then, they put a rope through the loop and tie two ends of the rope under your arms. After that, they bring them back around as if you’re wearing a backpack, or as if they saddled you. That way, they can easily apply as much pressure as they want, and you have no say in what is going on.

As you can see, anal hooks and bondage are a perfect combination for advanced BDSM play. You’d be hard-pressed to find other toys that are as powerful as anal hooks, but still offer great physical stimulation to the submissive. 

And this is not where the fun stops. As we’ve said, these hooks are the most fun when you combine them with other toys. Imagine hooking your male slave while making him wear a chastity device. Or, if you’ve woken up cheerful and wish to grant him a bit of pleasure, you can make him wear a cock ring. The combination of the two will make his eyes pop out like Volvo truck lights!

Safety Tips

As you’ve probably expected, we’ve come to the obligatory part where we tell you to limit yourself. Of course, we don’t have any strict no-fun policies around here, but safety is paramount in any aspect of our sex lives, including anal sex. We’ve already said that anal hooks are for advanced users who’ve gone through some practice. If this is you, then you already know the drill. Still, it doesn’t hurt to rehearse.

Since you’re sticking something new in your butt, make sure you don’t go over the top. Start with smaller sizes (smaller balls, that is) and increase them only when you feel comfortable doing so. As always, you want to avoid pain derived from friction, which is why you must use lube especially if you use a twisted love plug. Your butt doesn’t have a natural lubricant, so buy one from the store. We suggest using silicone-based lube, as others, such as water-based ones, dry up more quickly. That can bring your play to a halt midway through.

Once you’re done with it, don’t just leave it lying on the floor. You have to clean it thoroughly to avoid any infection. Since it’s a steel toy, you can submerge it in hot water to make it sterile completely.

Anal Shouldn’t Be Painful

Nobody’s jumped into something new without looking it up first on everyone’s favorite Hub. Show us a person who’s never typed in “painal,” and we’ll show you a liar! But, as exciting and forbidden as it sounds, that’s much more of a fantasy than a reality. 

Yes, the girls (or boys, depending on what you’ve clicked on) do scream a lot, but they act it out. In reality, anal must never be painful. Pain is not something you want to fight through. It’s a sign that what you’re doing is going wrong. Stop before you cause serious damage to yourself or your partner!

P.S. — Don’t be like Peter Pan. If you see a disabled person, please don’t call them Captain Wheels. Unless you’re going to invent a new sex toy. In that case, it’s fine.