Hot or Cold: How do you Like Your Glass Dildos?

Hot or Cold: How do you Like Your Glass Dildos?

Imagine you are all hot and excited and then suddenly you feel a chill down under! Ahhh, peace! When you are all hot and high, a cold touch can shoot your erotic sensations to newer heights altogether, leaving you begging for more. On the other hand, when you are lying cold and flat, a warm blow will awaken all your senses and thrill you to the core. Yes, temperature play is delightfully sexy. And a glass will help to make the most of your temperature play.

Why glass dildos?

Glass dildos command the added advantage of temperature play over other dildos. But why glass? Well, the glass used in making dildos is the extremely strong and durable tempered glass which is essentially shatter-proof. Most importantly, the material can withstand the extreme temperature conditions which make it ideal temperature play. Then, of course, glass dildos are true works of art and their artsy appeal add more oomph to your temperature play sessions.

Cooling glass for temperature play

Get a large bowl and fill up with moderately cold water. Then, put some ice cubes right into it to cool it down further. Next, simply put the dildo inside the bowl. Leave it like that for around 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, you can take the dildo out from the ice-cool water and test it on forearm. If the coolness seems to be bearable, you can finally use the dildo to stimulate you with its icy freshness and cool relaxing vibes.

Warming up glass dildo for temperature play

Fill up a big bowl with warm water. Then, place the dildo inside and leave it like than for 10 minutes straight. After 10 minutes are over, you can take the toy out and test on forearm. If the warmth seems great, you may use it in other parts of the body. But, if the dildo seems to be too hot for you, you will have to wait for some time to finally use it on other parts of your body.

Explore temperature play with glass dildo

A cold dildo is excellent to fill you up with ecstasy when you are all hot and flustered. Your nerves will feel a welcome sensation as the icy toy enters your body gradually. To make things more interesting, tell your partner to rub ice cubes on other parts of your body and stimulate you with warm blows here and there.

Nothing is more arousing than a warm toy inside your cold body. A warm toy will increase the blood flow to the spurred region, leaving it relaxed and aroused at the same time. Not only that, the warm touch will charge you up and lead you to a big bold orgasm instantly.

Temperature play ideas

While having an ice cold dildo down under is no doubt exciting, your two can double up the excitement quotient with a cool food play all over your body. So, after your partner enters the cold glass dildo inside your body, He can dab some ice-cream on various parts of the body, such as breasts, stomach and navel. Then, as you start feeling stimulation down the vulva, your partner can lick and slurp the cold delights all across your body, leaving you moaning in delight.

When you are planning to warm things up, warm molten chocolate will beautifully complement in the food & temperature play with the hot dildo. Let your partner insert the hot dildo into you and stimulate you with an arousing sensation. Then, he will spread the molten chocolate all across your body and keep on slurping till the last trace of the brown goodness. With the hot dildo inside and with your partner licking you vigorously, you will soon find yourself in the seventh heaven of ecstasy.

You may add a slight touch of BDSM here if both of you are okay with dom-sub play. Your partner can be the dom here while you be the sub. Your man will tie up your hands and feet and then insert the cold/hot dildo inside you. As you will beg for mercy, he will push the dildo back and forth vigorously. He may also rub cubes of cold ice all over your body and fill you with warm blow at intervals to lead you to the perfect climax.

Safety tips to remember

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Neither too cold nor too hot

While an icy cool freshness and an arousing warmth is welcome for your sensuous sessions, make sure your glass dildo is neither too hot or too cold for your body. Do not ever submerge your toy in boiling water as it will only harm the health of the toy. The same goes with cooling the toy. The best way to cool it is to dip it into ice-cold water. You can also keep it in freezer but make sure to take it out after a short while.

Thaw before using

This point is especially important if you are in the mood to use a cold glass dildo. You can’t push the toy into your body right after you take it out from the freezer. It may leave your nerves numb which can sometimes lead to severe nerve damage. Thus, be very careful while using cold glass dildo down under.

Similarly, you can’t just penetrate the dildo the moment you take it out of a bowl of warm water. You will have to let it cool down a bit before inserting it into some of the most sensitive areas of your body. If you push in the dildo right after taking it out from the warm-water bowl, you will only end up burning your vagina and vulva.

Be careful of the glass

Not all glass dildos in the market are reliable. Many cheap versions are available today that are actually be harmful for health. So, beware! Make sure your chosen glass toy is made from Borosilicate glass. It’s the most premium glass available today and can withstand extremely harsh temperatures. Besides, your chosen glass dildo should be an annealed option.