Hot or Cold: How do you Like Your Glass Dildos?

Hot or Cold: How do you Like Your Glass Dildos?

People have been into temperature play for ages. While more extreme temperatures are common in BDSM, you can find elements of this sex play anywhere. To make everything even more exciting, you can add toys to ensure that you have an unforgettable night. 

We will cover here everything you need to know about temperature play, how to do it, and if there is something you need to be careful about. 

What Is Temperature Play

Temperature play is a form of BDSM in which a person uses heat or cold to stimulate neuroreceptors in the body. That can increase skin sensation and can be quite thrilling if you are into it. You have probably seen in movies how couples use ice or hot wax during foreplay, and that is exactly what temperature play is. Or at least a part of it. You can also use various toys for temperature play, and couples often use them blindfold to make things more interesting.

There are various types of this BDSM subcategory. The first type is fire play, where the person will experience flame close to their skin. Now, we don’t talk about setting your partner on fire but using fire wands instead. It is also possible to find couples enjoying more dangerous techniques. One of them involves coating the skin in fuel, and setting it on fire for a few seconds, and then quickly extinguishing it before it causes burns. Fire play is usually not painful at all, at least when done correctly. 

Besides fire play, there is also ice play, that is running an ice cube across your partner’s skin. Even though it is quite popular in the BDSM community, temperature play is not restricted to it, and you can find it in nearly any other type of relationship.

Why Glass Dildos Are Great for Temperature Play

To make everything more exciting, all you need to do is add toys. There are so many various sex toys available on the market, and they can significantly spice things up. Among the most popular gadgets you can find are dildos and butt plugs. Heating and cooling your toys is an essential part of temperature play. Naturally, not every toy can be used in this activity. For example, silicone will not cut it, and the only thing you can do is ruin the toy or hurt yourself. .

On the other hand, metal and glass toys are perfect for temperature play. The reason for this is that both glass and metal can sustain extreme temperatures. Furthermore, the melting point of the glass is around 1500 degrees Celsius, which is a bit over 2700 degrees Fahrenheit. Similarly, stainless steel is almost the same, which means that you can freely boil it, or heat it as much as you like. The same thing, of course, applies for cooling these toys. 

Glass sex toys are usually made from borosilicate glass. These models have a lower thermal expansion, which makes them more resistant to thermal shock. If you don’t know what thermal shock is, you probably saw it when cooling your drinks with ice. Ice cubes will crack after you put them in a warm drink, and that’s thermal shock. 

Heating your glass dildo won’t ruin it, there will be no thermal shock, and you can have fun without worrying about consequences. Unless you throw it in an open fire, of course. 

Finally, sex toys are a lot less messy compared to what wax can do. You won’t have to clean the entire floor after using a heated dildo. 

How to Cool a Glass Dildo

One of the easiest ways to cool your glass dildo is to submerge into cold water. After leaving it for a while, the toy will cool down, and you’ll be able to have your fun. Of course, if you leave it in the water for too long, both the toy and water will reach room temperature, and you’ll achieve nothing. Fortunately, even if you forget about it, there is no harm done, and you can repeat the process.

The second option is to leave it in the freezer or a fridge. The important thing when leaving the toy in the freezer is to take it out after a couple of minutes. You don’t want to use icicle as a dildo since it might be too extreme for you. 

How to Warm a Glass Dildo

The process of heating the dildo is rather similar. You can simply keep it in warm water for a few minutes. Water is always a safe option, and you are unlikely to hurt yourself with it. While the second option is also water-based, you can turn it all up a notch. This time, you will use a stove. The stove will allow you to heat water to higher temperatures, and you can better control the situation and make it more to your liking. 

Of course, you don’t need to boil water and throw a dildo in it. Remember that you are not making a dildo tea, you are heating some water. 

The best option is to take it slow and check the temperature from time to time. To do that, simply press the toy on your skin and see how it feels. If it’s not as hot as you’d like, heat it a bit more. 

Safety Precautions

Safety should always be your top priority, and the last thing you need is causing yourself or your partner an injury. One of the first things you should remember is to avoid submerging vibrating dildos in water. Vibrators have motors inside, and dropping them in water can cause damage. Of course, unless the toy is waterproof. 

Furthermore, temperature play involves only bearable temperature changes, and you don’t need frostbite or a second-degree burn. If your toy is too hot, let it cool a bit, and if it’s too cold, wait for it to get warmer. Don’t try to speed things up. Dildos are usually used on the most sensitive parts of our bodies, and extreme temperatures can hurt a lot. 

If you are cooling your dildo, placing it in a bowl of ice water for ten to fifteen minutes will be enough. But to make sure that everything is well, test the temperature on your forearm before you put it anywhere else. 


Temperature play is quite popular for people who want to have a more sensational experience. It involves either hot or cold objects and using them to stimulate erogenous zones. You probably saw wax and ice play before (at least in a movie), and there are so many different ways you can achieve this. 

One of the safest ways is to either cool or heat your dildo. Two materials can actually sustain this extreme temperature change, and that’s either metal or glass. The latter is quite bad at transferring heat, but it does an incredible job retaining it. So, all you need to do is either heat or cool your toy and start enjoying yourself. But be careful not to take it to far if you want to avoid injuries.  As long as you purchase high-quality products,  you will be fine. You can shop now at lovegasm store for high-quality plugs and avoid any worry of injuries from substandard products. Enjoy!