Must-Try Sex Tips From LGBT Couples

Must-Try Sex Tips From LGBT Couples

Experimenting with different sexual activities can be a bit awkward if it’s your first time. That applies to people of any gender! Also, there are many myths about LGBT couples’ sex lives as well as a variety of gay sexual advice that just doesn’t work. If you want to shake things up in the bedroom, check out some must-try sex tips from LGBT couples!

Choosing the Right Sex Toys

Sex toys are incredible tools that can maximize your pleasure. They can spice up your sex life, regardless of your orientation. However, LGBT couples can definitely benefit from certain LGBT-friendly toys and accessories that can deliver unforgettable experiences.

The first on the list is a quality bottle of water-based lube. Lube can boost pleasure during penetration, fingering, or masturbation. When it comes to penetrative toys, couples could try anything from dildos, double-headed dildos, and G-spot or P-spot vibrators. For penetrative play, you should consider your and your partner’s needs. For example, if you are not comfortable with phallic-shaped toys that resemble penises, you could opt for non-phallic alternatives.

Next up are wands as well as a strap-on and strapless dildos. They could work wonders during lesbian sex. Anal play toys like butt plugs, beads, and dilators are also fantastic options for all couples who love a bit of naughty backdoor rumpy-pumpy! What’s more, you can use vibrating nipple clamps, cuffs, and similar toys for external stimulation. A brilliant gay sex tip is to use cock rings, masturbation sleeves, bullet vibrators, and other toys to enhance stimulation and intensify your orgasms.

No Penetration, Just Pure Pleasure

Obviously, it would be ill-suited to say that gays make love only through the anus or similar nonsense that restricts LGBT sex to penetration only! If you don’t want to explore penetrative sex or your partner is uncomfortable with it, there are many techniques for external stimulation that are equally as pleasurable. Some include oral sex, hand stimulation of genitals and erogenous zones, and external stimulation with toys like vibrators.

For gay couples or trans people with a penis, hand stimulation and oral sex could provide the most pleasure. However, you could take things to new heights with vibrating cock rings or vibrating glans massagers that can bring you massive orgasms.

Some of the previously mentioned techniques could also apply to people with vaginas and breasts. You could experiment with nipple play and teasing or use sex toys or oral sex for clitoral stimulation. Of course, sexual stimulation is only half of your road to pleasure. You’ll have a much more intense experience if you try things that arouse you mentally. That includes flirting, dirty talk, or enacting your fantasies even if penetration is not part of the game.

Practice Your Oral Performance

While LGBT couples enjoy oral sex in the same way as heterosexual couples, there are a few different reasons why you should perfect your oral skills:

  • Easier orgasms for women and people with vaginas;
  • Great for gay couples that aren’t into anal sex;
  • You can combine oral sex with fingering, toys, and penetration for stronger orgasms;
  • Though 69ing or similar sex positions, both partners can bring each other to orgasm simultaneously;
  • Oral sex reduces stress and anxiety for the receiver and giver. A fun fact about blow jobs: semen is a natural pain reliever;
  • It helps boost relationship satisfaction and intimacy.

As you can see, oral sex has numerous advantages that could bring you closer to your partner.

Role-Play in the Bedroom

Traditional role-play typically involves a man or a woman who experiment with gender roles and positions of dominance or weakness. The usual roles and stories are almost always designed towards men and women. That includes scenarios like daddy/little girl, master/slave, boss/employee, etc. However, there’s no reason to restrict role-play to only male and female dynamics!

Role-play allows you to enact long-held fantasies or try something new by escaping from your personal reality. First, you’ll need to talk with your partner about your roles, interests, as well as soft and hard boundaries. Then, you can pick a hot power play scenario that turns both of you on. That could include teacher/student, model/photographer, doctor/patient roles, etc. It could also encompass scenes like strangers at a bar, police officer and thief, kidnapping or hate sex, fantasy or movie character scenarios, client and sex worker, losing your virginity, etc.

When it comes to role-playing, all LGBT couples can enjoy it if they pick the right power dynamic. You can also practice role reversal to switch things up even further.

Now, Start Experimenting!

Everyone, from straight couples, gay men to lesbian and trans couples should experiment in the bedroom to explore their needs and make their partner happy. 

Like we’ve said, experimenting with toys, fantasies, and different sexual activities that turn you on will expand your sexual horizons and ultimately bring you to some intense orgasms. However, experimentation can also strengthen and enhance intimacy for all LGBT couples. Most people find that it’s a great way of bringing them closer to their partner, understanding their needs and wishes, and simply making them feel good.

As you’ve seen today, there are plenty of reasons why experimenting is good for LGBT couples. So don’t hesitate to talk to your partner about the activities that turn you on the most and order some sex toys to have an unforgettable experience! Have fun playing!